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Rishon Lezion, Israel
Phone: 0528-371606


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Description of the site
The collection of the most
interesting works &
galleries (to my mind).
I advice to start looking
through from here.
The page where
you can get acquainted
with new works.
The examples of feasible
works, list of services,
prices for executable works
and services.
Tel Aviv.
Ramat Gan Safari park.
Old Yaffo
Rishon Le Zion
The Dead Sea
Still life and Nature of Israel

Presentation & advertising
for architects, designers, decorators of interiors,
owners & agents of property
Creation of portrait with a help of computer.
Drawing with the help of digitizing tablet
Painting in interior.
I took part in creation of several web pages, here they are:

The portrait is a perfect gift to any important event or celebration. The portraits of the members of your family will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your house. The portraits can decorate and give solidity to your office, apartment.


Color or black-and-white portrait with one or two persons,
 printed or as a file in the size up to (42õ.29cm).
The price is 70 $
We can frame the work for additional payment.

You can order a portrait of your pets, your portrait or portrait of the members of your family in a company of yours pets. The clubs can order the portraits of the representatives of breed as prizes for exhibitions.


Color or black-and-white portrait with one or two pets, printed or as a file in the size up to (42õ.29cm).
The price is 70 $
We can frame the work for additional payment.

The Friendly caricature on photographies. Caricature is unique and not forgotten gift on any festive event or presentations.
It is Necessary to notice that if person not even possesses the unusual feeling of the humor he will value the gift on value.


Color or black-and-white caricature with one or two persons printed as a file in the size
up to (42õ.29cm).
The price is 35$
We can frame the work for additional payment

You may order for the album with art illustration, describing important events in your life: “BIRTHDAY”, “ITINEARIES OF SIGHTSEEING”, “FAMILY TREE”, “AS I HAVE CONDUCTED SUMMER”, “WEDDING JOURNEY”. Illustrations will be executed from photos shorten by yourself or myself.

10 color art illustrations dealing with your events. The size of a sheet is up to 42õ29 cm. Including digital shooting of an event you will celebrate.
The price is 450 $

I offer the art works in different styles, techniques, color scales - for the design of interiors of modern buildings, offices, cafes, restaurants, apartments, home galleries.
The examples of registration can be seen here


The prices are according to a price list of the sale exhibition on the site.
To frame the picture is for additional payment.

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